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Writer, Creator, and Educator. Millennial and Internet Expert.
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TikTok is a fascinating place for a researcher and writer. Everyday I learn something new about the app, and it brings up questions that are not only relevant to the app itself, but to the norms of information sharing and content creation at this moment in time. Especially in light of the recent strike of Black content creators on the beloved clock app, I have been thinking a lot about the politics of citation on TikTok and what it means to cite correctly and with care by utilizing the affordances of the TikTok platform.

Background on the #BlackTikTokStrike

In January of 2020, I made my first trending TikTok video, which garnered over 100k views in less than 24 hours. While I had only spent one month creating videos on the site, I had years of experience researching and studying video sharing platforms, algorithms, and recommendation systems from YouTube to Vimeo. With that being said, after hitting my first 100k I felt like I had it down, that I had created a surefire formula for online success.

As I created more videos using a similar style and format I was shocked when the next 4 videos that I produced…

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It has been a long time since I watched a movie that was not a documentary, and after seeing constant advertisements for Amazon’s The Voyeurs, I signed back on to Prime just so I could see what all the fuss was about.

And, I have to say, I was not disappointed.

Premiering on September 10th, 2021, the film stars Justice Smith and Sydney Sweeney, two actors that I have been watching since Smith’s role in Netflix’s now canceled series The Get Down and Sweeney’s role in HBO’s Euphoria. In The Voyeurs the two play a couple who have moved…

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The hype from Fashion Week has clogged my Instagram feed and For You Page with walks down the catwalk, aspiring designers, models, and their street fashion shots, which always reminds me of the many years that I spent watching the series Project Runway. Over the years, Project Runway has gone through multiple phases and stages from being hosted on Bravo to time spent on Lifetime. And, most recently, both Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum (the series primary hosts) have migrated over to Amazon with their latest series Making the Cut.

While Making the Cut is a great show, during…

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This week has been a time of reflection on many historical moments in our collective memory-making. Forever memorialized through the question “Where were you when”, I will always remember that it was during a late night TikTok scroll when I found out that Steve from Blues Clues was coming back. And while Steve leaving the series might not be something that you remember, the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of views and likes on the videos crossing my feed shows how big of a moment and memory Steve’s exodus from the series was to so many Millennials.


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The year was 2009 and I had just started my first year at a small liberal arts college. It was also during this time that the entire first year class was forced to read Jean Twenge’s Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled — and More Miserable Than Ever Before and to say that it was a campus wide disaster would be an understatement.

You see, Generation Me premiered before we had become desensitized to clickbait critiques of Millennials, so most of the students in my class were shocked by the insights that came from the…

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Despite the fact that I always knew that being a writer would mean that I actually had to write, I never really anticipated just how much writing I would be doing and what effect that would have on me. In addition to the thousands of words of professional writing that I produce on a daily basis, I also work on my own personal writing through two distinct daily practices.

Which means that I am constantly looking for new ways to stay inspired and invested in my writing projects, even when I feel worn out and weary of writing even one…

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The beauty of my life as a queer cultural critic is that I get to observe the seemingly unending heteronormativity of the masses which for me has garnered some interesting insights on gender, sexuality, and the politics underlying all of those things. With that being said, there are still some things I am trying to unpack.

This is why I am addressing this particular post to straight people because I have several questions about your culture and communication styles. As an individual who has been doing the work of internet ethnography for a couple of years now, I come away…

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I write about a lot of issues of identity, but few things get people more in their feelings than discussions of class and capitalism. And while there are many reasons why this is, I like to take an approach to unpacking ideology that highlights the more frightening and fascinating sides of the relationship between media and sociocultural beliefs.

Therefore, I feel that it is important to write more about the issues with capitalism and the lack of class solidarity in American society in particular, as an example of what happens when you actually believe everything that you see on…

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First, I want to preface this post by stating that I am not a hater. Haterade does not run through my veins, and hatin’ is not what I am here for. However, I do speak the truth, and the truth is, no matter what anybody says, diversity is a buzzword, a marketing term meant to make people feel that good is being done when nothing special is happening at all.

Therefore, I wrote this blog post about the premiere of the Fenty brand a few years ago but let it fall to the wayside. …

Faithe J Day

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