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Writer, Creator, and Educator. Millennial and Internet Expert.
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TikTok is a fascinating place for a researcher and writer. Everyday I learn something new about the app, and it brings up questions that are not only relevant to the app itself, but to the norms of information sharing and content creation at this moment in time. …

In January of 2020, I made my first trending TikTok video, which garnered over 100k views in less than 24 hours. While I had only spent one month creating videos on the site, I had years of experience researching and studying video sharing platforms, algorithms, and recommendation systems from YouTube…

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Everyday that I sit down to write I am reminded that everyday we are dying.

And perhaps it is not the writing that is creating that feeling, but it certainly feels like it. As I write this current piece, my daily thousand words (a fiction in and of itself) I…

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I love coincidences.

Happy accidents that surprise you like waves of inspiration knocking against the many seas of the subconscious.

Today, I had one such coincidence at the beach.

As I sat, thinking and praying, in meditation and completely at peace, I was interrupted.


The first interruption was truly…

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The internet is a magical place and it never ceases to light up my networks, both neural and social.

While traversing through the interwebs a day or so ago, I had a fun and entertaining conversation about Thomas Aquinas, Angel’s, And Nelson Goodman’s infamous “Grue Paradox”. Although these topics may…

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One of my favorite viral TikTok sounds is the popular song, quite literally called “I’m nonbinary (but everyone thinks I’m cis)”. As an anthem for the gender queers, this catchy electronic dance song is attributed to the artist Reena and can now be found on every major sound-sharing platform.


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When I was a kid many of my elders would implement creative ways of saving coins and small bills. During the months in between his visits, my grandfather would always save the five dollar bills from all of his trips to the store or bank, which then became full clips…

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Recently I began a writing intensive program and one of our first readings was James Baldwin’s essay “As Much Truth As One Can Bare”. In this essay, Baldwin writes that, “It is the American way of looking at the world, as a place to be corrected and in which innocence…

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It has been a long time since I watched a movie that was not a documentary, and after seeing constant advertisements for Amazon’s The Voyeurs, I signed back on to Prime just so I could see what all the fuss was about.

And, I have to say, I was not…

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The hype from Fashion Week has clogged my Instagram feed and For You Page with walks down the catwalk, aspiring designers, models, and their street fashion shots, which always reminds me of the many years that I spent watching the series Project Runway. Over the years, Project Runway has gone…

Faithe J Day

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